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An All-In-One Tax Software for the Preparation of Your Puerto Rico and Federal Returns
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A Software That Understands Your Tax Experience


Expert PR Taxes was founded on the basis of eliminating the tedious and inefficient manual tax preparations. Why? Because CEGsoft’s Founder and CEO went through the process of preparing and filing taxes the old fashioned way during the chaotic tax season. He decided to venture off and create a user friendly, efficient process with a complete tax preparation software. Now with 25 strong, CEGsoft’s team is a technologically savvy, customer focused group of people who keep up with the changing times in order to provide the best tools to achieve that Painless Tax Season that you have dreamed of.

Why Is EPRT the Most Trusted Tax Software in the Industry?


Customer Satisfaction First

We strive on offering the best customer service in the market. Any issue will be handled until fully resolved. Plus, we constantly find new ways to keep our customers up-to-date on the latest updates and tax return availability, simply visit our support page.


Beyond Just Technology

More than just doing extensive research on new and better technology, our team is commited to attend your tax needs first. With access to industry experts and thanks to our personalized customer service, we understand what you truly need to ease your tax processes.


Trust the Experts

With over 20 years in the market and used by the big four international auditing and tax firms, local CPA firms of all sizes, and over 500 international and local companies of different industries, EPRT has managed to build a respectable reputation among accountants.

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If you are interested in EPRT but would like to give it a test run, all you have to do is download EPRT’s demo where you’ll have access to different features and returns. There’s really nothing to lose!

Stay Ahead of the Curve

Keeping up and evolving with the times contributes to major competitive advantage and vast improvement in productivity. Compare it to using beepers when smartphones are available. So, use the best technology for the best results. Our latest technology offers faster, accessible and user friendly products. Enjoy your Painless Tax Season today!